I am getting ready to head out to the South of France for a working vacation. I cannot wait to spend time in Flea Markets scouring the countryside trying to find that perfect piece that either inspires the entire design or simply crowns it off! Taking the time to either let your designer get to know you and your taste or going out and discovering the thrill of finding it yourself truly makes your home a home. Every room should have that one great piece to anchor it and kitchens are no different.  


Work from home.

Here's the deal. We all work from home more than we want to admit ... But it does not always have to be an organizational tragedy, make shift work stations and forcing your living space into producing space... I get it, I started my firm in my basement with work taken over my home. So I am a big fan of creating areas that meet these demands that  the world has on all of us! Take a peak at two recent projects. It is all about making room for the printer, charging stations, paper and well maybe a tiny bit of fun...

Subzero Wolf, Kitchen Dealer

 Here at K. Marshall Design we have been busy expanding our product line to now offer SUBZERO WOLF,  it's been a long standing dream of mine to offer to my customer base the finest cooking and refrigeration in the industry. We have several products operational at our Wenham location and the entire line at Clarke, Milford MA.  Cooking and designing kitchens are a passion of mine! A perfect match. I am heading over to Sarasota Florida today to visit a Kitchen Living Studio at Mullett Appliance. They have kindly offered their space for me to day to do a bit of filming regarding the NEW GENERATION of Subzero Wolf. Over 20 new models!! Very exciting time to be creating your dream kitchen!

Farm to Kitchen to Table

I am a back yard farmer, grew up in the 70's when COOP's and composting was not a fad it just Farm to Table always  feels good to me. 

But if you have ever pulled your own onions, or dug in the earth you know that you cannot just go from " Farm to Table" , you need to pass through the kitchen first! This is the very essence of why I love what I do, creating these spaces for families to break bread, make meals, feed the hungry truly is the best feeling of all, "Farm to Kitchen to Table!"


My first entry!!!  Well, here I am almost ten years since my father broke the news to me that he wanted to hit golf balls more than hang out with me and design kitchens and shovel snow... Ouch! That is when I decided to open my own design firm, K.Marshall Design. Bottom line I am a lucky daughter from a special family. My father, a talented designer, cabinet maker, mentor, son of a master cabinet maker and grandson of a master cabinet maker from the old world. Roots deep in South Boston, Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia I come to my craft honestly...I was carted around the construction sites of Boston as early as I can remember and I am always excited at the prospect of a new project.

My father bought a 1900's Shingle Style home and brought her back to life.  This was very impressionable to me at an early age. My dad pulled the best talent to work on this beauty, the crew become like family to me.  I would tag along as they re-pointed the stone walls, striped the molding and repaired the broken trim...I LOVED IT!  Fast forward to 2012, I just finished my fourth "This Old House" project. It is a dream realized started a long time ago with a father who had a daughter that showed and interest...

Over the next several months I hope to post some fun facts, photos and kitchen adventures with some wonderful clients.  See you soon!



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