How to start a design project?


We are at this incredible age of having so many gorgeous design images, interiors, and home inspiration programs available at our finger tips. You would think this would be incredibly helpful but I think it can also make it very hard for anyone trying to figure out how to move forward with a design project. One kitchen from Houzz is prettier than next and so on and so on…So what do you do? How do you start when you are constantly changing your mind? I can tell you what I do, it is simple, I get to know my client, the house or new construction plans. If it is a new home, I visit the intended site and learn about the location, learn the whys of the move. What does the land look like, what do the homes around it look like? Is it on the water, mountains or nestled in a residential neighborhood? Why did my client choose this spot?  I love to spend time with my clients in their home, I want to get to know how they interact, what is important to their family and certain memories or objects that make them feel happy and bring them joy.  Take pictures.

So, what should you do?  Start by focusing on what you like about your home, write it down. Colors that you are drawn to, how you feel happiest in your home, entertaining or quite dinners. Do you like to have lots objects around you or do you feel peaceful with a few key items? Before you know it, you are firming up in your head what works for you and your home. Then dive into the world of Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV and start scrapbooking things that you are drawn to and before you know it you are well on your way for your upcoming design project that is completely your own.

Here is a project I am currently working on the scope is a new kitchen, powder room and whole house interiors.

Day 1

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Been too long.....

July 17,2017

Here I am a few years later ready to make a Blog Post. I must say I have been terrified of writing a Blog, grammar has never been an area of strength for me. I am a huge reader but I have never been able to master the art of writing, I am in awe of how an author can literally take me on adventure, capture my imagination or inspire my soul. I come from an extremely talented family of artists, writers, actors, scientist, entrepreneurs, adventures but we all possess strengths and weaknesses and writing is defiantly a weakness for me! So, if you bear with me I am going to attempt to improve my skills and dive into my design world that I am so passionate about, I apologize ahead but I am going to do my best and shoot from the hip and learn as I go… Otherwise this Blog will never get off the ground so hear I go…Feels right to have a party in a field, cannot think of a better place to start...



How do you start?

I am not 100% sure who said " Life is the stuff that happens along the way while you are making other plans."  I think it was John Lennon, I love that quote. and I really I feel that it is a pretty true statement. The whole thing is a process, things go on hold for so many reasons, a child is born, job, money, loved one is ill or your just to busy doing other fun things, it happens...These blips in your kitchen, bath interiors plans are the meat and potatoes for me to help design a well lived in home, layered with what makes up 


I am getting ready to head out to the South of France for a working vacation. I cannot wait to spend time in Flea Markets scouring the countryside trying to find that perfect piece that either inspires the entire design or simply crowns it off! Taking the time to either let your designer get to know you and your taste or going out and discovering the thrill of finding it yourself truly makes your home a home. Every room should have that one great piece to anchor it and kitchens are no different.